Our Story

The idea for Coastalero comes from years helping businesses, governments and non-profits in coastal communities develop ecotourism projects. We believe promoting local entrepreneurs is key to improve the economy and environment of coastal communities. Coastalero is for small businesses and travelers interested in ocean sports to connect for adventures on the water that support local coasts. 

Our Team

Mat Rosa

Mat has been directing and consulting coastal ecotourism enterprises for over a decade. He is an alumni of the Master of Marine Affairs program at the University of Rhode Island, a 100-ton USCG boat captain, Fellow at the Global Foundation for Democracy and Development, and co-author of the book Climate Change in the Dominican Republic: Impact on Coastal Resources and Communities. He has also built businesses in mountaineering, public art for ocean conservation, renewable energy, and a community bike shop.

Esteban Tirini

SEO and Content Consultant
Esteban is based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and has been collaborating with Coastalero since the early stages of the site, bringing insights and technologies he learnt from his background as a Digital Marketing Specialist.

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